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Endorsed by Detective Gomez from Cheaters TV

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Customer Testimonials

Maria Melendez I referred my friend to Detective Gomez and she purchased a GPS tracking device. She works late at night and is a single mother. She needed to observe her teenager and it helped her validate where her teenager was daily. It gave her peace of mind where she was and he walked her the whole process of how to track her. Thank you Detective Gomez for taking care of her.

Maria Melendez

I hired detective Gomez to check on my neices future husband. He asked us to put a tracking device on his car and then he showed us how we could track his movements. Well, long story short he found him at a local gentleman's club Chicas Locas instead of being at work like he told my niece. He provided me with pictures and video. I highly recommend Detective Gomez!

Rich Guerra